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Subscribe to the SAP R3 mailing list

1. Set up the following Addresses

 Listserv@Mitvma.mit.edu - List administrator
 SAP-R3-L@Mitvma.mit.edu - list address
 SAP-R3-L-request@MITVMA.MIT.EDU - List owners

2. Send SUBSCRIBE SAP-R3-L to Listserv@Mitvma.mit.edu

3. A message will be received asking for confirmation. Send this as a new message NOT as a reply. Send ok xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the confirmation code you will be given.

4. When this is accepted, set your list requirements. This is important if you do not wish to receive 100's of messages a day.
eg. Send SET SAP-R3-L TOPICS: DEVEL LOG to Listserv@Mitvma.mit.edu.
This will restrict your messages to all emails relating to developement and logistics.

To temporarily suspend messages:- Send SET SAP-R3-L NOMAIL to Listserv@Mitvma.mit.edu
To resume messages:- Send SET SAP-R3-L MAIL to Listserv@Mitvma.mit.edu

5. To send questions to the list use address:- SAP-R3-L@Mitvma.mit.edu.

Messages MUST have SUBJECT line beginning TOPIC: EG. DEVEL: Sapscript problem.
Please read usage guidelines which you will receive when you subscribe.

6. If you have a question about the administration of the list send it to SAP-R3-L-request@MITVMA.MIT.EDU