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Recover from DUP REC in RMDATIND

This error is caused after an abort, because a number of materials have

been written to the material ledger but not to Material Master.

The Material ledger file is CKMLHD. The Material Master is MARA. (+ other

ancilliary files).

The normal BMVO restart will not work. The input file needs to be edited to

remove the offending materials.

1. Run SE16 on CKMLHD from last material on RMDATIND log to end of CKMLHD.

2. Delete all materials up to and including last masterial on CKMLHD from

RMDATIND input file using RMDATSHO. ( Remember NOT to limit number of

transactions displayed)

3. Start NEW job in BMV0 using same variant as failed job.

All materials from last displayed on RMDATIND log to last deleted will need to

be entered manually, or materials numbers changed and input from a separate


ALTERNATIVE: Change material numbers on input file, using RMDATSHO, of all

materials on CKMLHD that are not on MARA.

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