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direct read method of obtaining material characteristic value

Extracting Material classification Equipment No.

CLAF_CLASSIFICATION_OF_OBJECTS extracts all characteristics for a material and so is very slow. For a single characteristic e.g. EQUIPMENT NO a direct read on tables AUSP and CAWNT can be used instead.

The internal key for characteristic EQUIPMENTNO is read in INITIALIZATION. This is fixed within a client.

This and the material number is used to read the characteristic value from AUSP. The value is translated to external format by using this value as a key to CAWNT.

form get_classification changing p_display type ty_display.

data: l_object type objnum,

lt_class type table of sclass,

lt_objectdata type table of clobjdat,

l_objectdata type clobjdat,

l_atwrt type atwrt,

l_atwtb type atwtb.

l_object = p_display-matnr.

select single atwrt from ausp into l_atwrt

where objek = l_object

and atinn = g_equipment

and mafid = 'O'

and klart = '001'.

if sy-subrc = 0.

concatenate l_atwrt '%' into l_atwrt.

select single atwtb from cawnt into l_atwtb

where atinn = g_equipment

and spras = sy-langu

and atwtb like l_atwrt.

if sy-subrc = 0.

p_display-ausp1 = l_atwtb.



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